Auskhmer has been developing a unique relation with its winegrowers.
We are carefully selected a wide range of wines from the best vineyrad of France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, California, New Zealand and South Africa.

World famous brand have trusted Auskhmer to import their top brands into the Cambodian market: Yellow Trail, Norton, Anakena, Georges Duboeuf, Oyster Bay
We are also proud to work with a selection of prestigious family-owned wineries which represent the best quality of their regions: Chavy Chouet, Domaine Cuilleron.

Spirits and liqueurs:

Auskhmer offers you a large range of vodka, rum, spirits and liqueurs from a selection of prestigious brand as Admiral Nelson rum, Kentucky deluxe Bourbon, infused rush

Auskhmer offers you also Cognac from one of the best brand: Tesseron
The Tesseron Family has long been, and still is, one of the finest exponents of luxury, very old, aged Cognacs (Cognac Tesseron’s range is a exclusively X.O that is means high-ended cognacs).

Beer & cider:

Auskhmer has selected international beers from exceptional brewing according to the highest quality standards.
We provide a range of high quality ales for every occasion and ales which meet all of the needs of the modern day beer drinker.

Our selection included beer from

  • United of Kingdom: Guinness, Boddingtons, Adnams, Box Steam, Rattler, Tetley’s Smoothflow.
  • Australia: Boag premiums, Coopers Ale.
  • Germany: Erdinger.


The choice of mineral water for a perfect dining experience is essential, and awareness among customers in choosing the correct water, especially at the fine dining level is increasing.

Auskhmer is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Cambodia of San Pellegrino the finest sparkling natural mineral water and to partner with Acqua Panna one’s of the finest still mineral water.


With brand as Cyprina, Bickfords and Sunraysia, Auskhmer offer healthy juices with unique flavours. Juices are available in a selection of delicious flavours including orange juice, pineapple, tropical, apple, red grape, mango, tomato, lemon and others ones.

Cyprina fruit juices are 100% pure. Pure with no additives, made from concentrates naturally derived from the fruits.

The Bickfords Juice range is a high quality group of products based on the increasingly popular super fruits known for their high antioxidant contents and health benefits.

Sunraysia’s founder set about creating a range of premium juices that not only taste great but offer natural benefits you can feel.